Nature reserve and pristine places

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Taking advantage of the mild temperatures and the natural treasures of the area, you will enjoy natural paradises and the beauty of the “Caves”, the necropolis and the rock churches preserved by the Hyblaean Mountains.

Marina di Ragusa and the surrounding territory host some of the most beautiful reserves of Sicily and the most pristine areas of the Hyblaean Mountains. For example, the Natural Reserve “Macchia Foresta” of the Irminio River, with a long stretch of sand, with dunes that move with the wind along the coast, constantly altering its look, and with amazing cliffs overlooking the sea.

Together with the traditional species of the Mediterranean area, in the reserve Cava Randello there are also plants of the forest such as pines and eucalyptus; in the same area you can visit the ruins of the necropolis of Kamarina.

Known for the amazing trails and excursions available, the area features a calcareous plateau characterized by the famous “Caves”, that are narrow river valleys, created by nature over the centuries, with blue lakes and a thick vegetation. Visitors can enjoy not only a real environmental niche but also the archaeological area with its millenary traces of the necropolis and cave churches.

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